Traditional Thai massage

A thousand-year-old wisdom of Thai massage, which by stimulation of the main energy points in the body restores the delicate balance between the physical and spiritual health and therefor enchants you. Indulge in thoughtful touch of our masseurs who will
professionally mix some stretching exercises with pressure on acupressure points regenerate your body and mind.

With Thai massage toward the well-being


Tajska masaža Onzonthai

Thai massage is a simple and reliable way to better and more vital being, since the releases of energy blockages beneficially affect the levels of accumulated stress and anxiety, eliminates pain and starts muscle relaxation and consequently increases the overall energy situation and a positive self-image.

“Thai massage relax muscles, eliminates stress and anxiety and generally reborn body and spirit.”

masaža v Ljubljani
masaža v Ljubljani
masaža v Ljubljani

The process of Thai massage

Thai massage should take place on hard, massage bed. Dresses in a comfortable cotton clothing will make you feel more relaxed and will take you to the road of relaxation with our great masseurs, who will make sure you will leave our place fresh and happy.

A variety of Thai massage

You can choose between different versions of massages, which are, each in its own specific way adapted to release the problematic points. They can also be executed in combination with reflexology or luxurious aromatic massages.

A thousand year old tradition

History of Thai massage dates back 2,500 years ago when the Shivago Komarpaj treated and spoiled Buddha himself with a version of Thai massage. Shivago is mentioned in ancient writings as an amazing connoisseur of medicinal plants and medicine. He treated and took care of a lot of important people of his time.

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