Thai massage with warm herbs

The beneficial effect of warm herbs is an unforgettable state of relaxation. The cotton wrap and a pleasant temperature of warmed herbs have a beneficial effect on the skin; moreover the scent could create a pleasant relaxation
for the entire body.

Positive features of massage with warm herbs:

  • It promotes blood circulation
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Alleviates pain and reduces stress
  • Nourishes the skin
  • The skin is soft, smooth and very beautiful
Tajska masaža Onzonthai

About traditttional Thai massage

The basis of the traditional Thai massage is a treatment of the major invisible energy lines, or meridians, in which the life energy circulates. Since traditional Thai massage works much deeper than traditional massage it is
also called massage for a longer life of vitality massage. By pressing, stretching and bending we revive the functioning of the whole body, especially we relax tired muscles and stimulate the sleeping ones.

Positive effects

Together with the approaches of traditional Thai massage the positive effects appear especially in the rheumatic pains, pains in muscles and joints, excessive fatigue and the body’s response to the seasonal changes.

Have pain in your joints?

The mixture of herbs contains lime rind, turmeric, lemon grass, salt, camphor and some other herbs. Warm herbs have an anti-inflammatory effect muscles. Some moves are similar to classic massage since the pressure and movement
of masseuses are slightly stronger and deeper. The focus is primarily on the area of pain in the joints, therefore, to increase blood and lymph circulation.

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