Thai massage macadamia perfectly nourishes and softens your skin, restores its elasticity and takes care of youthful appearance, since macadamia is rich with natural essential compounds. Don`t miss out our Happy Hours when you get Macadamia massage -21% off.

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Why Macadamia massage?

Macadamia oil is one of the few vegetable oils containing high value of palmitoleic acid. Macadamia oil has a very positive effects on our skin and it makes it fresh. It is recommended for dry skin care; however, it is suitable also for older skin.

"Refresh your skin with Thai massage Macadamia!"

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Whatever your age is, oils are excellent food for your skin. When we are young, our skin produces its natural oils in sufficient quantity that is why it is so beautiful and fresh. But with age, the amount of oil skin produces drops and secretly decreases. That is why we should take care of older skin even more, than when we are young.

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