Argan oil Thai massage

Thai massage with argan oil or cream deeply softens old skin and restores its elasticity. With regenerative massage we take care of you, your spirit and your skin.

Head and face massage

Facial massages increase circulation in your facial tissues, resulting in youthful-looking skin. Facial massages can also help to lift and firm the skin, reducing the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles.

Thai massage Macadamia

Thai massage macadamia perfectly nourishes and softens your skin, restores its elasticity and takes care of youthful appearance, since macadamia is rich with natural essential compounds.

Thai massage Aloa vera

Thai massage with aloe vera and shea butter is suitable for all types of skin. Massage will make you feel pleasant, additionally it will cool and refresh your skin during hot, summer days.

Mango butter massage

Massage with mango butter is intended for people with very dry skin. Mango butter massage has an excellent natural aroma, without any kind of additives and is made from organic mango kernel.

Chocolate massage

Relaxing chocolate massage calms you down and gives your skin the necessary moisture and antioxidants. Due to the high containment of water we recommend it to the people with dry skin.

Massage for pregnant women

Mothers are often due to pregnancy problems coping with a lack of energy and the impact of stress and hormonal imbalance. The massage for pregnant women can alleviate and even eliminate many problems.

Antistress massage

Anti-stress massage with lavender oil and special aromatic oils. Anti-stress massage of the shoulders, neck, head, back and chest is designed for relaxation and regeneration of sore muscles. It is recommended for people with…

Foot massage Reflexotherapy

Reflexology (reflexotherapy) or foot massage with the help of reflex points on the hands and feet, activates the healing power of the body. Foot massage cleanses the…

Thai massage with warm herbs

The beneficial effect of warm herbs is an unforgettable state of relaxation. The cotton wrap and a pleasant temperature of warmed herbs have a beneficial effect on the skin; moreover the scent could create a pleasant relaxation for the entire body.

Thai aromatic oil massage

What can be better than having relaxed Thai aromatic oil massage after tough day at work? Thai aromatic oil massage relax your body and release your joints and muscles.

Traditional Thai massage

A thousand-year-old wisdom of Thai massage, which by stimulation of the main energy points in the body restores the delicate balance between the physical and spiritual health and therefor enchants you.

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