Massage for pregnant women

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods in the life of every woman so do not let the pain during pregnancy affect your pleasure and everyday life. During pregnancy, the body goes through various changes, physical or emotional and energy changes that affect the internal balance. Mothers are often due to pregnancy problems coping with a
lack of energy and the impact of stress and hormonal imbalance. The massage for pregnant women can alleviate and even eliminate many problems.

Massage for pregnant women has a number of positive characteristics and effects:

  • improves blood flows
  • strengthens and relaxes tired muscles Interior
  • increase the energy flow
  • relax the mind, body and spirit
  • proven to reduce stress
  • shown to reduce water retention, and stretch marks
  • above all, improve your mood

“Thai massage for pregnant women helps both your physically and mentally state.”

Tajska masaža Onzonthai

Tailored for pregnancy

Thai massage for pregnant women is especially recommended since it strengthen the connection between mother and a child and moreover it can prepare women to the birth and facilitate the childbirth after all. Massage for pregnant
women are particularly adapted and we dedicate special attention to pregnant women, her needs and desires.

How we perform a massage for pregnant women

The massage is performed in such a way that the pregnant mother is lying on the side, between the legs and behind the back we put some pillows that she can be as much comfortable as possible.

When is safe to have a pregnancy massage?

Massage for pregnant women is recommended over three months of pregnancy until birth. Massage is not executed while in risky pregnancy or coping with other serious health problems.

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