Foot massage Reflexotherapy

Reflexotherapy foot massage is a technique with specific approaches aimed at tackling the wide range of ailments.

What is reflexotherapy?

Reflexology (reflexotherapy) or foot massage with the help of reflex points on the hands and feet, activates the healing power of the body. Foot massage cleanses the body of toxins and stimulates the energy flow through the body.

“The overall purpose of foot massage is to achieve internal balance in the body.”

Tajska masaža Onzonthai

Versatile foot massage

On your feet there is a lot of reflex points associated with different parts of the body on which our masseur can implement pressure and stimulate different points of feet. Foot massage is a universal method for maintaining good health and help in various problems. By massaging the feet, you get a body massage, relaxation and a greater flow of energy. If in need for a different therapy come and meet us in Onzonthai massage salon in Ljubljana.

Tajska masaža Onzonthai
Tajska masaža Onzonthai

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