Chocolate massage

Relaxing chocolate massage calms you down and gives your skin the necessary moisture and antioxidants. Due to the high containment of water we recommend it to the people with dry skin.

Chocolate and skin products

In recent years, cocoa is increasingly coming to the front as a positive component for the skin, which is used by almost all spa centers around the world. Cosmetic manufacturers can also often highlight it as the basis for various cream massages, face
masks and other treatments. Moreover, cocoa butter, oils and waxes can be found in many products such as creams or lipsticks. In our massage salon we use cocoa butter alone for a massage or for a wrap. As a basis for the production of chocolate, cocoa
butter has a divine smell of chocolate. If you are a fan of chocolate visit us and we will take care of you and your skin and make sure you will leave us relaxed.

“Cocoa butter is obtained from cocoa by cold pressing and maintains all the quality ingredients.”

Tajska masaža Onzonthai

Skin moisturizers

When preparing cosmetic products, producers add different oils to natural cocoa oil, such as olive oil or safflower oil, with aim to increase the hydration of your skin. Because of containment of antioxidants, after chocolate massage, your skin is capable to retain moisture long after the massage.

Flow stimulation

The content of caffeine in cocoa helps stimulate the blood circulation and thus contributes to the natural regeneration of your skin. Cocoa massage moisturizes dry skin, eliminates hard scaly skin, helps against stretch marks and is popular in the care of pregnant women.

Cocoa as antioxidant

Cocoa is a good antioxidant and helps your skin renew collagen and elastin so it can become more toned and elastic. As antioxidant cocoa also protects the skin against free radicals which destroy cells and accelerate skin aging.

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