Anti-stress massage with lavender oil and special aromatic oils. Anti-stress massage of the shoulders, neck, head, back and chest is designed for relaxation and regeneration of sore muscles. It is recommended for people with muscle pain, tension and chronic back pain.

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Why anti-stress massage?

During anti-stress massage we use oils that contain aloe vera, if the pain or tension is bigger, we use Thai cooling gel. Thai cooling gel contains menthol, which has a cooling effect and in addition contains essential oils. Such gels reduce muscle tensions and speed up the recovery process after intense workout or greater physical exertion.

"Anti-stress massage is great for athletes after intense exercise and people who like powerful massage."

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Back massage

During back massage we eliminate muscle knots, which occurs due to disturbances in the local metabolism as a result of prolonged muscular tension while sitting or standing, etc. Back massage can relieve problems such as knots and pains caused by static positions, eliminates or significantly reduces all the symptoms after a couple of massages. Back massage also accelerate the drainage of toxins that accumulate due to insufficient blood supply that occurs as a result of the lack of movement. Regular back massage can successfully relieve chronic problems caused by degenerative changes or recent injuries. Thus, the combination of various exercises and massages can mean a lot for your spine.

Neck massage

Neck pain is usually caused by overworked muscles, lifestyle, improper posture or other emerging problems. Pain in the neck, consequently, reduce our ability to move the neck and shoulder muscles as well as upper and lumbar spine. Neck massage will certainly alleviate or even eliminate the pain in the neck, since massage techniques are gentle and calm. You'll feel reborn and less tired. Natural essential oils will stretch your skin and recovered its youthful appearance. ONZONTHAI anti-stress massage neck and upper body massage will make you feel as new.

Head massage

It starts at the neckline, shoulders, continues on your head and thoroughly relax the muscles of the face and scalp. With regular massage of the head we can reduce headaches, migraines, stress, insomnia. By stimulating the circulation in the scalp we help you to reduce hair loss, relax the eye muscles, relieve headaches and improve concentration.

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